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So you have a Hoarder or an Abandoned apartment! Possibly a deserted Commerical space?
But the place is loaded with Junk & Infested with Pests.
 You jump on the phone, only to find out the Pest are the problem. Those Bedbugs or rodents are a liability risk for the people you thought would remove the junk.
   Things just got easier....What To Do? 1-844-944-0844
Get The junk Out ! 
 Our first step is to clear the way, the “A” team gets work targeting the biggest problem areas. Removing the Junk to make it easier and safer to move around, and you start to see the difference right away.
Extermination !
  Now the action really starts, everything is exposed and the Pest are panicking. They should since the “B” team is on the way, fully licensed Exterminators on a mission “dispatch the infestation”. With the main plan “IPM” in mind, the reclamation of the property has begun.
  1. Bug and Apartment Cleanup Control
    So the Hoarder has left and got the help they need for their problem, awesome. However, the apartment is full and cannot be re-rented or shown.After a long process already and the lost revenue, a peace of mind would really help. That help is only a phone call away, before long your apartment will be not only pests free but also junk free.
  2. Bug and Residential Cleanup
    You just got a steal of a deal on your new house, Congratulations!. You head over and notice how much the old occupant has left behind and now the questions start? What to do with the stuff? Did they have rodents or Bedbugs? We can help with both of those answers, with a simple call to us and we help put your mind at easy.
  3. Bug and Commercial Cleanup
    Commercial property can be a challenge, the retail space always has to look good. With long leases, the collection of items can really add up by the former leasee. Getting the space back on track so it can be put back on the market for that next restaurant or niche retailer is what we do. Providing a clear view of the property and dispatching the pests, so it can be shown once again.

Bug and Junk Removal but How?

  RATLAB Exterminators have the ability to take care of pests problems, with over 20 years of experience. 
  • 20 years of experience
  • NPMA Recognized
  • SPMAO Member
  • Fully Licensed
  • Structurally Trained
  • Environmentally Friendly 
Soon more details about us at  www.ratlabexterminators.com